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Explore theWhisky Shop to discover

a curated selection of the world’s most

cherished spirit.

Aficionados and budding enthusiasts alike, take note! Whether

you’re partial to fine Scotch, Bourbon, Irish Whiskey or all of

the above, visit the Whisky Shop – a unique boutique in select

LCBO locations that features an ever-evolving selection of

the renowned and the rare from the world’s great distilleries.

Check out to see the collection and learn

more about our featured distiller, The Dalmore. Established

in 1839 in country deemed too rugged for many distillers, The

Dalmore has shown a pioneering spirit from the beginning.

Today, they continue to defy convention in their quest to make

exceptional whisky, using non-uniform stills and a unique

maturation process. Our latest collection includes The Dalmore 15,

The Dalmore 18, the Cigar Malt and the complex

King Alexander III.

Turn the page to see more new products, or visit

to see the full collection.