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Malivoire is a leader in sustainable winemaking (the ladybug is a symbol of their respect for our environment). Fresh and zesty, this popular rosé defines food-friendly. Refreshing with charcuterie and olives, goat cheese on endive or baked ham. 

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By: Lucy Waverman

Antipasti may be very elaborate or very simple. Augment a few store-bought ingredients with others that you make. Buy some excellent prosciutto and be sure to have it very thinly sliced. Use a good cheese that marries well with food. Grana Padano, a young, fresh cow's milk cheese that is often used for grating over pasta, or Reggiano, the finest Parmesan, are two good choices. Set out a carafe of good extra virgin olive oil and also some coarse salt and pepper. Place all the ingredients on a platter and let people help themselves.

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