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Robert Parker is a huge fan of Vérité wines and has collected them from the beginning. After first tasting the 2014s, he said, “I suppose the arguments against giving perfect scores far outnumber those for giving them, but after 37 years of tasting just about everything of quality that’s been produced, I believe I’m in a position to recognize truly world-class efforts that are as complete and compelling as good wine can be. And if that’s the case, then why hold back? I realize that it creates possibly unreal expectations among readers, and there is the argument that nothing really is perfect. But if a wine is as good as you think it can be made, then I have no reservations about offering accolades to those rare wines. When one considers the winemaking effort that goes into producing these cuvées of Vérité, from Bordelais Pierre Seillan, the fastidious attention to detail and the use of only the crème de la crème of fruit from some of the finest vineyards in the Jackson family empire, the results are not that surprising.” (The Wine Advocate, October 29, 2015)

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VÉRITÉ LA JOIE 2014 RP 97+ $600.00 750 631259
VÉRITÉ LA JOIE 2014 RP 97+ $1,300.00 1500 631267
VÉRITÉ LA JOIE 2014 RP 97+ $2,500.00 3000 631275
VÉRITÉ LA MUSE 2014 RP 100 $600.00 750 631150
VÉRITÉ LA MUSE 2014 RP 100 $1,300.00 1500 631192
VÉRITÉ LA MUSE 2014 RP 100 $2,500.00 3000 631242
LE DÉSIR VÉRITÉ 2014 RP 98 $600.00 750 523506
LE DÉSIR VÉRITÉ 2014 RP 98 $1,300.00 1500 631135
LE DÉSIR VÉRITÉ 2014 RP 98 $2,500.00 3000 631143
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